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drum-tec groovedot - THE rim trigger for your hybrid drum kit.

drum-tec groovedot - THE rim trigger for your hybrid drum kit.

The groovedot is the first fully isolated rim trigger with mechanically separated head and rim section. With the groovedot your drum kit becomes an E-Drum. You dont need a new kit. You can expand your favorite acoustic drum kit with the unlimited options of an E-Drum in just a few simple steps.
You can then play it as an E-Drum, as a hybrid drum set, or continue to play it acoustically at any time without removing the groovedot triggers. Use groovedots for your snare drum, your bass drum and in your rack toms and floor toms. The groovedot Dual Zone electronically transmits one edge trigger and one head trigger signal. The groovedot Single Zone is perfect for your bass drum as a single trigger with head signal detection only. A drum module can reproduce your individual performance from these signals in a lively and natural way.
The appearance of your set remains the same. A groovedot is invisible from the outside. Take your sound to a new dimension - its never been easier!

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No drilling or gluing. The groovedot simply mounts to the existing screws and fits into any shell. Everything you need is included. Your drum set stays as it is. The adjustment is done with a few settings. The play feel on the heads will not be changed.

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The groovedot is invisible from the outside. A small cable is all you need to connect to the unlimited sound variety of your module or DAW. The surprise effect of your new sound will be all the greater for it!

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Play your set as an E-Drum or as an acoustic drum kit. The groovedot is perfect for conventional drum heads and mesh heads. The drum-tec head and rim triggers are robustly built, but react sensitively to your impulses.



You play a vintage drum kit in top condition? You like the look of your premium kit? You want understatement in the look of your kit, but the full surprise for the audience when you play it? In short: you want acoustic look with high end sound?
Then groovedots are perfect for you! They are suitable for any acoustic drum kit and provide access to unlimited sound possibilities! The groovedot triggers accompany you as long as you want. You can remove them just as easily as you mounted them. No changes to the shell remain. groovedots can be remounted as often as you like.
The drum-tec groovedot trigger system works with most E-Drum modules on the market. It works perfectly with any Roland E-Drum module from the TD-3 to TD-17, TD-27 to TD-50 and TD-50X, with the Mimic Pro module from Pearl, all Roland Octapads and Multipads, the ATV module aD5 and xD3, all modules from EFNOTE and many more E-Drum modules.

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